More Rare Nintendo Power Cart “Single Page” instructions from “Optiroc”…

Well if it couldn’t get any better…. Discord user “Optiroc” has shared with me a heap of  Nintendo Power Cart “single page” instruction he downloaded when living in Japan…. They arn’t as high res as my scans (Hopefully i can find them all to re-scan..) But its very special to be able to share these with you 🙂 Big Thanks Optiroc!! 🙂 PAGES-Optiroc-gc8tech.rar

Scan of RARE Nintendo Power Cartridge Book 1! Japan ONLY!

300 DPI Version. Higher Resolution  (BIG file)

A complete scan of book 1. As far as i know this is the first time this has been done…..

The Nintendo Power Cartridges was a “flash” based SNES cart that could have games loaded onto it for a small fee. This book contains the first lot of mini instructions for all the games that were on the service. There is also Book 2 which has more games as well. It was a JAPAN ONLY service. The books are RARE and quite expensive.

Stickers from the book at 800DPI

Extra few pages not part of the official book (they have no page numbers on them)
These could be bought as a single page…. instead of buying the whole Book 1 OR Book 2.

Touched up stickers from “SnesLegacy”,

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